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12-Month Guarantee

We are very aware that we are not the only recruitment agency in Banbury, so what makes us different?

We are very confident in our ability to find the right person for your business on the first time of asking. We are also aware that you do not want to pay an introduction fee, the candidate leaves within in the first year and you cannot recover the fee you paid. So, we went away, thought about what we could offer and here we are.

Mayday Employment are delighted to offer our industry unique, 12 month guarantee on all permanent introductions.

Sound’s enticing but what is it?

  • It allows our partners to pay the introduction fee in 12 monthly payments
  • You only pay for the working months completed by the candidate
  • Making recruitment more affordable

Our 12-month guarantee on all permanent introductions offers our partners peace of mind knowing they will not pay one lump sum; the candidate leaves after 3 months and they have wasted their money. One of the biggest objections we face when speaking to businesses is that recruitment fees are too high and if the candidate leaves, it is money wasted. With this 12-month guarantee, we are addressing this issue.

Our 12-month guarantee is unique. We are not aware of any other recruitment agency in Banbury offering this as standard in their recruitment service.

Our consultants take great pride in their roles. The team want to ensure that both clients and candidates receive an excellent service throughout their experience.

If you have any further questions/queries, please contact the team on 01295 266288.