Health and safety at work - Mayday Employment

Health and safety at work

Mayday Employment can assist with all of your health and safety training needs

As part of our on-going commitment to our clients we offer the use of our in-house training facilities at our Banbury offices. Providing the best in Health and Safety training not only protects the individuals from injury, but also allows for a smooth transition of the candidate on to the employers premises.

We are happy to carry tailored training on behalf of our clients and work closely with a number of Management Training Partners to develop the right message on a varied range of topics.

Existing courses include the following:

  • Safety Media on Fire Safety

As with other dangers in the workplace prevention is the best medicine. Being aware of the causes of fire and its destructive nature will stimulate fire prevention, awareness and training within the workplace.

  • Manual Handling

Damage, injury and pain due to a poor manual handling technique is only a lift away – whether in the home, the office or on the factory floor. You are at risk.