Bakery Production Operative - Mayday Employment LTD - Banbury

Bakery Production Operative (109/01)

Main Function:

  • To be a part of the production of Bread, Breadcrumb, Rusk and to follow the companies policies and procedures at all times.
  • Reporting any issues within Quality, Safety, Sanitation, Machinery to the Shift Manager.


Duties and Responsibilities: 


  • To monitor the flow of bread from the oven to the cooler and to ensure all de-panner cups and plastic fittings remain in place. If any equipment is missing or does not pass smoothly you must report to the Line Manager /Supervisor immediately.
  • To ensure any loaves left in tins are removed and placed onto line.
  • Making sure there are enough tins moving around the process – tins may need to be removed or added.
  • Taking hourly readings of the core temperature at the oven exit and at the cooler using a probe.
  • To ensure any temperature readings, times and observations are recorded on the de-panner cup check sheet and any problems are passed on to the shift manager.


Rusk Mixer Operation:

  • To structure the recipe using the works order sheet details. Also to ensure the minor ingredients are correct by checking the packaging details and are accurately weighed up according to the specific recipe.
  • Making sure utensils are checked hourly and are recorded on the production process control sheet. Any utensils missing must be reported to the Shift Manager.
  • To ensure you are following the correct health and safety guidelines.


Bag Tip: 

  • To make sure all bags are disposed in the rubbish bin.
  • To ensure the process is repeatedly being maintained as any obstructions will delay the entire bakery process.
  • To use the Stanley knife to cut into bagged items correctly to ensure all contents of products are distributed correctly.
  • To ensure also health, safety and hygiene procedures are being followed correctly.


Personal Specification:

  • Literate and numerate
  • Reliable and well organised
  • Calm under pressure
  • Flexible
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to work well as part as a team as well as individually
  • Ability to follow all health and safety regulations.