Calling all Chefs! #MaydayOmeletteChallenge has arrived!

Calling all Chefs! How quickly can you make an omelette?

#MaydayOmeletteChallenge has arrived!

Will you accept the challenge?

We have launched our new challenge for the hospitality and catering industry.

It is a bit of fun and a great chance to show people the face behind the great meals that are served all over Banbury and Oxfordshire. It is also a really good way to promote the business.


Nominate a friend or anyone else in your industry

The best bit is that you can challenge a friend or a competitor! Once you have set a time and made a nice tasty omelette in a super quick time, you then get to nominate. They will be contacted by Mayday to inform them that they have been challenged by you.

It does not matter whether you are a Head Chef, Sous Chef, Kitchen Assistant or you just want to get involved, you will be representing your place of work against your competitors. It is great way to promote your skills and show others how quickly you can make one.


It is really easy to get involved

You may get nominated by someone and receive a call from Mayday to respond to the challenge. We will arrange a convenient time to come out and video your attempt on a mobile phone. We will need to be there to make sure the omelette looks and tastes good.

The rules are simple.

  • Cook an omelette in the fastest time possible
  • Use 3 eggs and 3 other ingredients
  • It must be edible – Gionis will be the judge!

Don’t be shy, take on the challenge!

If you are a Chef in Banbury or the surrounding area or just want to get involved, get in touch. You can either fill in the application form below or give one of the Mayday team a call on 01295 266288.