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Mayday Employment for Banbury Jobs

We are an REC accredited independent friendly recruitment agency in Banbury.

The term ‘Mayday’ originated in 1923 as an international distress call used by airline pilots and ship captains to say “help me!” and this iconic phrase is still being used today by local employers looking to fill Banbury jobs.

The name Mayday Employment Ltd appealed to us because we wanted to be the go-to recruitment agency in Banbury to answer similar distress calls from Banbury employers. Local businesses in need of quality candidates that can be mobilized at short notice. 20 years on, we have grown from strength to strength and continue to be your preferred recruitment agency in Banbury for both temporary and permanent staff.

Mayday Recruitment agency Banbury

We specialise in filling driving jobs for the logistics sector, warehouse jobs for the industrial sector, admin jobs for the commercial sector and a range of catering positions for the hospitality sector.

If you are looking for part-time jobs in Banbury, we have a long list of local businesses always on the lookout for quality candidates. If you are looking for full-time jobs in Banbury, you will find no other agency in Banbury has a better relationship with the area’s most established and up and coming employers than us.

Filling Banbury Jobs for over 20 years

Established in 1997, we are the longest running independent recruitment agency in Banbury. We are proud to say that we have now been filling Banbury Jobs for over 20 years. We are big enough to compete with national agencies yet small enough to provide tailor made solutions to our clients. Solutions that can be adapted as your business grows and your requirements change.

We have built on the values of Integrity, professionalism and value for money. These are more than simply words to us, they guide every aspect of who we are and how we interact on a daily basis with our clients and candidates. Whether you are recruiting for logistics, industrial, commercial or hospitality jobs in Banbury, or looking for a temporary or permanent job yourself then we will be delighted to help you.

Established in 1997 we are the longest running independent recruitment agency in Banbury

We understand the unique challenges of filling temporary jobs in Banbury. We can advise you on both regulation and best practice to make the recruitment process as cost effective and smooth as possible for you. We are also well practiced at filling permanent job positions and can easily adapt to the unique challenges of identifying the best candidates to fill a permanent job in Banbury.

We employ specialist consultants within the Industrial, Commercial, Logistic and Hospitality sectors that offer a wealth of sector specific knowledge and advice to help fill Banbury jobs.

All of our consultants are encouraged to keep up to date with developments in their individual sectors. We regularly track industry trends and considering how they might impact your business requirements. This allows each consultant to provide proactive advice enabling your business to stay agile and one step ahead of the competition.

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We are a multi-skilled recruitment agency in Banbury, Oxfordshire always on the look out for drivers, warehouse operatives, administrators and chefs. For more information please visit www.maydayemployment.co.uk ...

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#MaydayOmeletteChallenge has arrived! Paul, representing Castle at Edgehill, was the first person to accept the challenge and finished a tasty omelette in 56:92 seconds! He then challenged his own Head Chef, Matt! Don't be shy, get involved! Follow the link to sign up www.maydayemployment.co.uk/omelette-challenge/ ...

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