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A Digital Marketing Approach To Recruiting Staff In Banbury

Like many other industries in recent years, the recruitment industry has experienced an influx of new technology that has fundamentally changed the way employers and agencies recruit staff. However it is a challenge for HR professionals to both track and successfully implement these new technologies if neither their primary business is in recruitment or digital marketing. This is why Mayday set up Mayday Digital Marketing/Recruitment in partnership with a local digital marketing agency, so employers can benefit from these resources without the need to establish their own often costly in-house teams. Mayday do not pass the costs of these resources onto our clients but instead give them away free as part of the employer package Mayday can offer clients. Why not talk to us today about extending the reach of your job adverts and getting your roles in front of even more candidates, using video to promote yourselves as an employer of choice in Banbury and grow your business.

Recruit staff faster in Banbury using Digital Marketing

There are now more channels than ever before to reach quality candidates looking to work for businesses like yours. The traditional job board still has a place in modern recruitment but can no longer be solely relied upon to deliver all the potential reach that other digital marketing channels can provide.

There is more competition than ever before to reach out to talent in the labour market and convince them that your business is the employer of choice for your industry or region. Mayday can help you to navigate these channels and design engaging content to publish on them that will make your ideal applicants stand up and take notice of your business.

Mayday Digital MArketing Banbury & Daventry

Free digital recruitment consultancy in Banbury

Mayday does not charge our clients for implementing a digital marketing/recruitment strategy in order to better recruit staff for your business. Instead we have made the strategic decision to absorb these costs into our own business and offer these to you as part of a standard recruitment agency contract and fee structure. You will find that Mayday’s recruitment fees are very competitive and with our digital marketing/recruitment package thrown in at no cost to your business, we believe we are offering far beyond what any other recruitment agency in the area is in the position to offer you as a client.

Video production in Banbury and Daventry

Video has fast become one of the most powerful tools at the heart of any successful digital marketing/recruitment campaign, yet still remains cost prohibitive to some employers. Mayday has absorbed the cost of digital marketing videos into our standard recruitment fees to make video production in Banbury and Daventry more obtainable to local businesses.

Once Christian, our Business Development Manager who leads on all aspects of digital has worked with your business to design a digital marketing/recruitment strategy designed to attract the best talent to your business, we will engage the services of our video production partner to produce a highly professional and polished digital marketing/recruitment video on your behalf. You will have the opportunity to help shape the video and we will identify the best channels to deliver it be that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Linkedin.

Proactively recruiting in Banbury

It’s not just the jobseekers that are feeling the impact of an ever increasingly competitive job market, jobseeker’s expectations of employers have also increased over time too. The best talent in the job market today will actively seek out as much information on a potential new employer visiting their website, social media channels and being guided by influencers and review sites. If an employer has not published any of their own in-house videos then as a medium of choice, the jobseeker will search for third party video in order to build up a profile of you as a potential employer. The risks associated with this is that you as an employer cannot control the messages about your business if a video has been produced by a third party, be that an influencer or review site. This could both have a positive or negative impact on brand perception in the mind of the jobseeker.

With this in mind, Mayday believe that by making video production more accessible to employers in Banbury, local businesses can ensure that the first messages heard about your business is managed by you in alignment with your brand values  rather than leaving this to chance and open to interpretation by unsolicited third parties.

Dedicated Digital Marketing/Recruitment Business Development Management


If you decide to work with Mayday you will be working with our very talented Business Development Manager Christian Seeney, Christian has worked with Mayday and some of it’s longest running clients to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns.


Christian will work with you to understand your business needs and will help to design a bespoke digital marketing/recruitment campaign that may encompass video, blogs, organic and/or paid social advertising. This campaign will be fully funded by Mayday and will be designed to bring onboard the talent you have identified is required to grow your business in Banbury and Daventry.

Mayday and Christian would be delighted to informally discuss your business’s recruitment aspirations and discuss how Mayday could work with you to achieve them.