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Class 1 Driver Shortages in the UK

Class 1 Drivers in UK

In recent years, the UK has faced a shortage of HGV drivers. A number of factors have played their part namely;

  • Aging drivers – most are drivers are nearing the retirement age and only 2% are under the age of 25
  • Work life balance – long hours of work and too much time away from home makes the job unpopular
  • Low salaries – even considering the shortage, some drivers are still not well paid
  • Problems at Calais – the situation with migrants and their targeting of these truck is causing a problem
  • Financial costs – the license and medical costs can be too expensive
  • Economic growth – a growing economy has increased the demand for moving goods
  • Cost of insurance – vehicle insurance costs are increasing
  • EU directives – requires experienced drivers with more training to which retirement seems appealing
  • Industry perceptions – haulage is not a sought after career
  • Poor facilities – facilities at service stations are below acceptable standards

Owing to all these factors, the scarcity of the drivers has become a leading problem faced in UK. Daventry and Banbury are a few places where this problem is escalating. This has led to a lot of problems and a lack of employment in the region. Moreover, it has led to the problem of green bin waste collection which has a huge impact on the environment. Thus, it is an issue that needs immediate solution.

Lack of class 1 drivers in the UK

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Mayday has responded to a lack of Class 1 drivers in Daventry and Banbury

Mayday Employment has been monitoring the situation and has come up with new recruitment solutions to offer drivers employment in Daventry and Banbury. With the lack of drivers being a leading issue, Mayday can provide your businesses with class 1 drivers in Banbury and Daventry. Thus, a solution to the shortage of drivers as well as the lack of employment opportunities. This also safeguards the atmosphere and deals with the green waste bins which can become a health hazard for the community.

Also, we did our research and highlighted all the reasons related to unemployment in the region. Thus, focusing our recruitment strategy on addressing those issues relating to local employers. This also has the added bonus of helping to increase the general market for employment opportunities in Daventry and Banbury. Just as we addressed the problem of driver shortages, we now also offer class 1 driver opportunities in Daventry and Banbury to address the lack of those as well.

In both the sites, Banbury and Daventry, we have set up recruitment consultant offices dealing with major employment sectors namely; logistics, industrial, commercial and technical for your convenience. Our consultants are there to guide you through the process and help you land a job in these sectors. Using our knowledge of the locality and your career requirements, we will help you find the most suitable job for you.