Mayday's F 1 Charity Challenge! - Mayday Employment

Mayday’s F 1 Charity Challenge!

The Starting Grid – Racing Has Commenced!


Check out the fastest lap times set so far

NameCompanyRace Time
Mark HornettDAR Lighting1.32.406
Mark HornettDAR Lighting1.33.057
Chris MartinPortman Asset Finance1.33.091
Chris MartinPortman Asset Finance1.33.474
Phil SherryLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.34.306
Jordan KirtonPortman Asset Finance1.34.342
Dave AustinMS Distribution1.35.659
Mark SmallMS Distribution1.35.926
Dave AustinMS Distribution1.36.076
Adam VarneyMS Distribution1.36.277
Mark SmallMS Distribution1.36.560
Karl ShrewsburyLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.36.657
Chris ThurlowMettex1.37.264
Alex PriceLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.37.476
Richard SzentesiFirst Line1.37.546
Ricky HorneFirst Line1.37.762
Adam VarneyMS Distribution1.37.778
Alex ReadPortman Asset Finance1.38.279
Alex ReadPortman Asset Finance1.38.312
Ricky HorneFirst Line1.38.463
Rob HundleyGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.38.661
Matt SmigaFirst Line1.38.780
Alex MillarPortman Asset Finance1.38.880
Karl ShrewsburyLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.38.887
Ivaylo IvanovFirst Line1.38.980
Jordan BaylissFirst Line1.39.097
Richard SzentesiFirst Line1.39.114
Nick JoblinTugo1.39.157
Alex MillarPortman Asset Finance1.39.213
Chris ThurlowMettex1.39.267
Mike CMS Distribution1.39.380
Ivaylo IvanovFirst Line1.39.481
Jordan BaylissFirst Line1.39.564
Lee MorrisLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.39.642
Mark Hirons Mettex1.39.717
Lukasz BogackiMettex1.39.934
Aaron LoweLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.39.976
Jordan Bayliss
First Line1.40.115
Aaron LoweLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.40.163
Durrell LivousLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.40.312
Damian EdwardsFirst Line1.40.532
Adam ChiklinokMettex1.40.534
Harry DunnPortman Asset Finance1.40.564
Matt SmigaFirst Line1.40.615
Lee PersoniusTugo1.40.701
Mike CMS Distribution1.40.881
Hubert GajdaGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.40.929
Curtis ClarkMettex1.41.085
Dave ClarkHella UK1.41.114
Kieran AndrewsLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.41.129
Matt SmigaFirst Line1.41.149
Hubert GajdaGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.41.229
Michal LibnerDAR Lighting1.41.299
David SeeneyDAR Lighting1.41.299
Dave AustinMS Distribution1.41.482
Nick Galican
First Line1.41.716
Robert JonesLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.41.879
Robert ClarkeHella UK1.41.958
Craig CowleyMS Distribution1.42.032
Craig CowleyMS Distribution1.42.082
Casey McnuttLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.42.130
Tobiasz GajdaGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.42.143
Hubert GajdaGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.42.201
Lee PersoniusTugo1.42.270
Lee PersoniusTugo1.42.503
Richard Szentesi
First Line1.42.701
David SeeneyDAR Lighting1.42.734
Chris AveyardPortman Asset Finance1.42.950
Nick JoblinTugo1.42.954
Robert ClarkeHella UK1.43.099
Alex PriceLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.43.480
Ivaylo Ivanov
First Line1.43.515
Laszlo FiknerGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.43.816
Jordan BaylissFirst Line1.43.818
Matt SmigaFirst Line1.43.885
David SeeneyDAR Lighting1.43.952
Dan McIntoshMS Distribution1.44.000
Chris AveyardPortman Asset Finance1.44.001
Michal LibnerDAR Lighting1.44.069
Dave HarperFirst Line1.44.219
Durrell LivousLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.44.616
Laszlo FiknerGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.44.800
Kelvin OldsFirst Line1.44.869
Chris GriffinHella UK1.44.901
Szongoth ZoranFirst Line1.45.003
Terry CurtisFirst Line1.45.070
NicolaMS Distribution1.45.096
Hubert GajdaGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.45.283
AndreasFirst Line1.45.386
James KennyPortman Asset Finance1.45.920
Laszlo FiknerGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.46.301
Aaron LoweLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.46.307
Dave HarperFirst Line1.46.404
Jon RoughleyFirst Line1.46.504
Dave AustinMS Distribution1.46.570
Nick GalicanFirst Line1.46.755
Andrew StiddenTugo1.47.141
Gary NashHella UK1.47.170
Armands ZeltinsMettex1.47.227
Rob HundleyGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.47.404
Karl ShrewsburyLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.47.409
Dave HarperFirst Line1.47.522
Andrejs KurkauskasGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.47.921
Gezim KochiGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.48.053
Nick GalicanFirst Line1.48.256
Neil GrantHella UK1.48.288
Harry DunnPortman Asset Finance1.48.713
Ben WoodFirst Line1.49.374
Mariusz BialyGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.49.438
Robert JonesLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source1.49.571
Alan PeelTugo1.49.911
Alein JeanTugo1.50.144
Ryan JenksFirst Line1.51.076
Chris GriffinHella UK1.51.608
Michael LibnerDAR Lighting1.51.610
AutiochosGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.51.758
Andy CheethamFirst Line1.52.610
Kev GMS Distribution1.52.848
Gemma RobertsTugo1.53.014
Mariusz BialyGuenther Trousdale Bakery1.53.675
Justin AshbyDAR Lighting1.55.847
Nicola GardnerMS Distribution1.56.329
Alan PeelTugo1.56.884
Colin SpaullDAR Lighting1.57.248
Aneta KieszkowskaDAR Lighting1.57.265
Colin SpaullDAR Lighting1.58.432
Christian LatiniHella UK1.58.514
Ludovic TecsiGuenther Trousdale Bakery2.00.00
Chris PeachTugo2.00.789
Nicola GardnerMS Distribution2.00.884
N. RobertsGuenther Trousdale Bakery2.04.923
JanniMS Distribution2.07.156
Nicky CoombeHella UK2.10.459
Jimmy LardnezGuenther Trousdale Bakery2.10.912
Didzis BitenbindersDAR Lighting2.13.781
Nicky CoombeHella UK2.14.096
Emma PitcherLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source2.14.247
Toni KeyteTugo2.14.302
Alfred ChipembeleDAR Lighting2.15.000
Kay PotterMettex2.19.090
Tara KeyteTugo2.29.951
A. WaterfieldTugo2.41.129
Martin CoopeLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source2.47.436
Natasha GarciaTugo3.03.168
Bob ReynoldsDAR Lighting3.04.152
Helen GoldingayHella UK3.06.847
Brutini HussyFirst Line3.21.463
Michelle WelingLloyd's Commercial Finance & First Source4.29.587

Congratulations to Hubert Gajda!!








May 2017 saw the launch of the heavily anticipated Mayday F 1 British Grand Prix Charity Challenge! We required your help to raise as much money as possible for our local community. Lookout for the competition hashtag #MaydayF1CharityChallenge and make sure you use it on every post to help spread awareness.

Mayday Employment is dedicated to supporting local charities. We are partners with Katharine House Hospice and Banbury Young Homelessness Project. Our objective was to raise the awareness of two fantastic local charities through our latest fundraising competition.

The competition was in connection with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit in July. The competition format was to set the fastest lap time on a Play Station 4 using the latest F1 driving game. We hosted racing days in our Banbury office in the months leading up to the British Grand Prix.  We also hosted race days in company offices and staff break rooms of our clients to allow the employees of the donating organisations to take part. Mayday Employment donated 2x race day tickets for the British Grand Prix on the 16th of July at Silverstone. The TOP 50 fastest participants were then entered into a prize draw to win the tickets. In addition the participant with the fastest recorded lap time won a Mystery Prize. To enter into our competition a donation of £2 per person was required and each entry qualified for a practice lap. The competition lap times were recorded in a league table with live updates on our website to enable organisations and participants to keep track off their progress. we had a total of 186 participants, an amazing effort from everyone involved.

To ensure everyone could take part in this event and donate to charity we offered people the chance to purchase raffle tickets to win some fantastic prizes. Mayday Employment set out to collect donations from local organisations and businesses to be used in the raffle. We raised a total of £1217.43 across 11 different race days at 9 different companies. A massive thank you to Tugo Food Systems, Mettex, First Line Ltd, Hella UK, MS Distribution, Portman Asset Finance, Lloyd’s Commercial Finance & First Source, DAR Lighting and Trousdale Bakery. Without these fantastic organisations we couldn’t have completed the challenge. Mayday Employment is extremely grateful of all of the generous donations towards our raffle and we want to thank you for any further publicity that you were able to offer us.

Thank you to everyone who participated, you helped to change the lives of people in our local community.