Banbury's favourite Temp Agency - Mayday Employment

Banbury’s favourite Temp Agency

Since 1997 Mayday Employment has been Banbury’s temp agency of choice for local businesses.

We have been providing temps to local businesses for over 20 years to ensure a temporary staff shortage does not necessarily have to mean a drop in productivity. As an experienced temp agency, we are experts at sourcing the best flexible talent in Banbury and Oxfordshire and retaining that talent on back to back short term placements, resulting in a reliable and yet highly flexible workforce that can be mobilized at short notice.

A local multi-disciplined temp agency in Banbury

Banbury is a busy yet highly diverse town with a wide variety of thriving industries and this is why Mayday Employment run four separate specialist desks to cover the four largest industries in Banbury.

Banbury's favourite recruitment agency

Industrial desk for warehouse temps in Banbury

The longest running and busiest of all our desks, our in industrial temps have been placed in the majority of all the major warehouses in Banbury. This means that our industrial temps are highly skilled and experienced at quickly adapting to a warehouse environment and can hit the ground running.

Logistics desk for driving temps in Banbury

Our drivers have literally been keeping Banbury moving for over 20 years when local businesses find themselves with lorries, vans or cars parked in the yard without a driver. Mayday prides itself on the quality of it’s driving temps and helps to support their professional development whether that be CPC training or otherwise.

Commercial desk for admin temps in Banbury

There is a thriving commercial industry in Banbury with more and more businesses choosing to base themselves from here. It is widely acknowledged that administrators are the backbone of any office and when this important resource disappears as a results of sickness or holiday, then they need to be replaced. This is where our highly professional and enthusiastic admin temps can add a lot of value by enabling core office functions to continue without disruption.

Hospitality desk for chef temps in Banbury

If a restaurant or pub cannot feed it’s customers due to a staff shortage, it directly effects their bottom line and this is where our chef temps will come to the rescue and will promise to whip up something special to feed the masses. All of our chef temps are highly qualified with years of experience to put into action when your restaurant or pub might need a helping hand from a culinary professional.

To use the services of Banbury’s favourite temp agency and book a temp today, simply call 01295 266 288 or complete our online form