Temp solutions in Banbury, Oxfordshire provided by Mayday Employment

Temp Solutions in Banbury

Temp Solutions in Banbury and Oxfordshire

Mayday Employment Ltd offers a highly professional, flexible and comprehensive temp solution to employers in Banbury and Oxfordshire. It might not be something that an employer plans for but staff absence is sometimes unavoidable, however with Mayday temp solutions it doesn’t necessarily need to have a negative impact on your business.

Temp solutions to cover staff sickness and holidays in Banbury

Having provided temp solutions in Banbury and Oxfordshire for over 20 years, Mayday has a wealth of experience in the likely causes of staff absence and some effective ways to avoid a loss of productivity during this time.

In 2016 an estimated 137.3 million working days were lost due to staff sickness in the UK and the chances are that sooner of later your business will have to contingency plan for staff sickness too. Unfortunately staff sickness can be difficult to plan ahead for because often a member of staff will wake up one morning and make the decision that they are not fit to attend work. This leaves the employer very little time to make contingency plans. Luckily Mayday Employment is always on hand to supply staff for the industrial, logistic, commercial and hospitality sectors at extremely short notice, even the morning an employer might need them.

Something a little easier to plan for, is staff holidays, but like Ryanair who was caught up in the news recently, sometimes staff holidays can get the better of an organisation, especially when holidays and staff sickness happen simultaneously. This is why Mayday Employment promoted the Mayday mic so employers had an emergency number 01295 266 288 for when they need temp staff at short notice.

Temp solutions Banbury

Safety equipment is provided at no cost to employers in Banbury

When an employer requires temp staff at short notice, they need that person to turn up to work and to be in a position to be productive immediately, that’s why Mayday send all of their temps off to employers with the equipment they need to do the job. This includes safety boots, hard hats, gloves, chef’s whites or whatever other safety equipment they might need to do the job and this is provided by Mayday at no cost to the employer.

Safety training is provided to all candidates in Banbury

As we all know having the tools to do the job is only half of it, the other is having the training to know how to use the tools safely and effectively. That’s why all of our temps are provided with industry approved safety training from our office in the centre of Banbury. This coupled with a comprehensive assessment when candidates first register, means that our temps are of the highest standard that you will find in Oxfordshire, if not the UK.

Regular temps can be requested in Banbury

It is not uncommon for our clients to request certain temps back by name, time after time, because the know and trust them as a safe pair of hands when their usual staff are unavailable for one reason or another. We understand that trust and rapport is important and so whenever possible we make these temps available to the employers that request them and in the meantime we keep them busy with regular work elsewhere.

If you would like to discuss Mayday Employment Ltd’s range of temp solutions, then please call 01295 266 288, email our Branch Manager Andy at andy@maydayemployment.co.uk or visit our client page