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Why use a recruitment agency?

Not many people see working with a recruitment agency as a benefit. For small organisations, recruitment is not always an ongoing process. Recruitment can be an additional task and a burden to HR or a hiring manager that takes them away from their day-to-day tasks. For larger organisations, partnering with a recruitment agency can be the easiest and most effective way to access highly skilled workers whether they are currently searching for a new role or not actively searching.

Below are some reasons why you should consider partnering with a recruitment agency:

Time savers

Working with a recruitment agency will save you valuable time. The consultant working with you on your vacancies will receive all the applications. The consultant will screen all potential candidates and shortlist those they believe are the right fit for your organisation. The consultant will gather your thoughts on the shortlisted candidates, discuss interview times with you and then arrange the interviews on your behalf. The consultant will handle all of the communication and administrative issues during the recruitment process. This means they can inform the unsuccessful candidates and provide feedback and can also gather and verify candidate information, for example, qualifications and references. During the whole process, you will only need to review the shortlisted candidates, provide your feedback and conduct interviews that were scheduled.


Working with a recruitment agency will work in a well-organised and competent way. As you read in the previous paragraph, the recruitment process can be very smooth and easy. Using a recruitment agency adds experience and knowledge if in-house staff may be inexperienced when it comes to best practice procedures. Due to their specialist market insight and day-to-day tasks, recruitment consultants are in the best place to offer you advice on anything during the recruitment process. This can mean anything from negotiating job offers to asking for advice on what skills you should focus on for this role in today’s market. Having access to and working with so many candidates means contract and temp-hire roles can be filled at short notice. This allows your operation to continue running as normal during unexpected sickness and sudden increases in workload.

Not only do recruitment agencies save you time but they can also save you money in the short-term and the long-term.

Short-term cost savings

Working with a recruitment agency will save you money in the short-term. Partnering with a recruitment agency eliminates the cost of posting job adverts, as recruitment agencies have a selection of job boards that they will post the job on to. Allowing a recruitment agency to recruit for you removes the impact on the hiring manager and allows them to continue with their day-to-day tasks. Experiencing an increase in workload? Hiring a temporary candidate through an agency actually saves money through reducing overtime costs.

Long-term cost savings

Working with a recruitment agency will also save you money in the long-term. Where possible, work with the same recruitment agency. This is because you may be able to negotiate a deal that benefits both organisations. Working with the same recruitment agency will reduce hiring time and costs as the consultant will have knowledge of your organisation, making the process more efficient. Recruitment agencies may also offer candidates the chance to take part in training and courses. If both organisations offer the same training, the recruitment agency can deal with this before the candidate starts their new role!

So there you have it, by working in partnership, recruitment agencies are a valuable asset to your organisation. Next time you are hiring and are not sure what route to take, consider a recruitment agency. Can you afford to allow in-house staff to cover recruitment or do you have the budget to pay overtime?

Why choose Mayday Employment?

Mayday Employment has been offering a friendly, flexible and professional recruitment solution since 1997. We have experience in multiple sectors but specialise in office support, warehouse/production, technical and logistics. We offer permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services.

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