Recruitment agency Guess Who? Mayday Employment

Guess Who? Is Banbury’s favourite recruitment agency?

Looking for a recruitment agency in Banbury that supplies temporary staff?

Mayday Employment has given a recruitment agency twist to the game, Guess Who?

So, you are looking for a recruitment agency in Banbury to provide temporary staff, but who do you pick? There are lots of things to consider and they will all tell you they find the best candidates and provide excellent customer service.

We have put together this fun video that may help you decide. We mention a few important points to think about before you make your decision.


A good pool of available temporary staff to pick from

You need a recruitment agency that has been around long enough to build a good pool of candidates for the positions you are looking for. This makes it easier to find the most suitable people quickly.

Established in 1997, Mayday is the longest running independent recruitment agency in Banbury. We have been recruiting in Banbury for over 20 years and have built a great reputation in the town. This has lead to previous temporary staff recommending Mayday to their friends and family.

An out of office hours number to call in emergencies

You need a recruitment agency with an out of office hours emergency number for when you need temporary staff at short notice.

Mayday have an out of office hours number so you can contact us 24/7. We make sure you get a great service at any time during the day or night. We respond quickly to requests out of office hours and we proud that when you contact the out of office hours number, it is a consultant that will answer the phone. We feel it is important that you get to speak to somebody that knows your business and fully informed of any activity during the day.

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Specialist consultants that understand your needs

You need a recruitment agency with specialist consultants that understand your industry and you individual needs.

We have good staff retention which means our consultants have time to learn and development their knowledge and skills in their industries. We operate in Production, Manufacturing, Logistics, Transport, Hospitality, Catering and Commercial. We pride ourselves in learning as much as possible about the businesses we are supplying to, so the temporary staff provide have the best insights into the environment they will work.

The importance of Digital Marketing in recruitment

You need a recruitment agency that understands digital marketing and how it can be crucial to the recruitment process.

Mayday uses digital marketing to maximise the reach to potential candidates. Most people use social media regularly, so creating interesting and engaging content on the correct platforms has a great impact. Digital methods of marketing and communication are faster and more efficient than other ways, not to mention how cost effective they are.

Choose Mayday Employment to supply your temporary staff

We hope this fun video has helped to make the decision easier for you when it comes to choosing a recruitment agency in Banbury.