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Time to find your Recruitment Solution

Hospitality recruitment solution

The hospitality industry has the highest turnover of all trades. If you are ‘spinning your wheels’ when it comes to hiring and you are not retaining good Managers, Chefs, Kitchen Staff and any other key employees,  it may be time to put the work load onto somebody else. There are a couple of signs to let you know when it comes to hire a recruitment agency for your business.

Filling some vacancies takes too long

While you want to make sure you choose the right candidate to take your business to the next level, you don’t want to wait too long to make your move. The hospitality industry is highly competitive when it comes to talented restaurant and hotel staff. Time is a valuable resource and hiring great people can take a lot of it. Time that you could be spending running your business. If your vacancies are staying open for a long time, you are losing business, productivity and a lot of money.

The same types of candidates keep applying

Let’s say you run a restaurant, or a hotel maybe and it’s not your job to know where and how to post job vacancies. If you notice that the same pool of candidates keep applying for your positions, your posts are likely to be not as effective as you need them to be. That’s where a recruitment agency like Mayday Employment can step in! Recruitment agents have a large database of talented candidates they can reach out to. This gives us a sourcing and speed advantage and allows Mayday Employment to find the best people for your business, in the shortest amount of time.

Worried about the cost of using a recruitment agency?

An efficient recruitment process will save your time and efforts but it is not only the time you will save but the costs attached to the recruitment process. The minimum cost you will incur when recruiting is advertising the position. This can be expensive on any format, especially if you wish to use more than one. Agencies will use multiple online job boards and other advertising formats. Advertising a position on one format may mean you miss out on the ideal person. Using an agency will also give you access to their database of existing candidates. You do not pay anything until we have put the right person in front of you.


Need a short term fix? Have you considered temporary labour?

Temporary labour is a cost effective way to recruit the right person and take advantage of a trial period before taking the person on permanently. Mayday offer a ‘temp to perm’ agreement, meaning you will be able to take a person on a temporary basis and agree a transfer when you are happy you have made the right choice. Temporary recruitment is not just to cover sickness or holiday.


Mayday Employment supply temporary, permanent and contract workers into the hospitality industry and our proud to have placed key members of staff to businesses in Banbury and the surrounding area. We have a dedicated team that work to deliver a service you will come to rely upon whenever you need us.

Mayday has partnered up with a digital marketing agency in order to utilize the latest techniques in digital recruitment, for more information please visit our digital recruitment page.